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What makes the difference between a successful affiliate website and a loser.?

I had tried several times to make money with affiliate websites ending up spending money to advertise in search engines with no sales. The only success I had was with online poker before 2007. Then the US government more or less said online poker was illegal and Google and Yahoo stopped us from advertising with them. That was the end of that.

The difference between the winners and the losers is basically traffic volume and content. Obviously, if you have little or no traffic, you have little or no clicks. In addition, if your site loaded with unrelated links (links to all sort of different markets), then people will just click off.

My first site had links to mortgage companies, clothing, consumer electronics, computer equipment, health foods, etc. It was just a mess, very confusing. My bounce rate (the rate at which people clicked on my site and immediately left) was at over 90%. Their length of stay averaged less than 1 minute. Consumers found no interest in a site like that. They are searching for specific items of interest.

There was some traffic to my site, primarily because I was paying out good money to Yahoo and Google for clicks. It was wasted money. There was no search engine optimization done. The keywords were all wrong for what I was trying to do.

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