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I was one of those holdouts using my film SLR camera for my good work fighting the urge to go digital. Sure, I had a point and shoot digital that I used for anything not important. Then I did a bunch of research and broke down and bought a Digital SLR camera. Having lots of money tied up in accessories for my Canon EOS film camera, I went with Canon's Rebel xti. The lenses from my old camera are interchangeable with the new Rebel. That saved me a bundle. 

With a SLR (single lens reflex) camera, you are looking directly through the lens of the camera when you look through the viewfinder. When viewing your subject with a Point and Shoot camera you are not looking through the lens but the viewfinder. This can sometimes be quite different from what the camera is seeing. Some digital point and shoot camera have a digital display screen which is more accurate.

  The quality of digital is as good as film in most cases. With the use of software (later discussed) alterations to the photos are a snap. This photo was altered with the use of photo software. I'll show you the original on the page "customizing your photos" to follow.

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