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Before and After - Altering Digital Photos




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This is an example of a before and after photo altered with digital imaging editing software such as Photoshop. There are many different brands and prices of software on the market. The software can range from under $10 to well over $500. Obviously, the more expensive, the bells and whistles. 

Just to give you an idea, the software used for this alteration is called Gimp 2.6. I purchased it on eBay for under $10. It was a convincing ad that appeared to have many of the same capabilities of more expensive software. It was a downloadable program, no shipping charge. Turned out it really is quite a good program.

You may be more comfortable with software that more mainstream, the bigger commercial brands. This is not an ad for software brands and I'm not going down that road on this page.

The before photo:

The after photo

  Notice the more brilliant colors. The increased sharpness of the photo. I removed the sidewalk in front of the tree.

This is an example of some very easy to do changes that will spruce up your photos


Another example:

The before photo:

The after photo:

This after photo is just a more dynamic representation of the original. It was done with just some color shifting. I isolated the upper portion of the photo to give the clouds more punch.



Go a little crazy with a photo. I did this for a background for a banner ad. The ad has white lettering, really pops. It you look carefully, you'll notice the cloud formation is from the photo above.


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